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does and body whats to make friend with me ?

i came here a few weeks but i can not found any friend

i realy wang to talk with stranger

of couse i am a chinese but are you sure that you know about information is right ?

i like American





There is nothing to do with your nationality or where you are from . It all matters with your attitude toward prospective friends on italki .

I would be your friend but being exclusive saying you only want Americans makes me hesitant. A diverse range of people speak English and if you were open to different cultures you would not regret it. 

I mean, I like the United States, the country, and I really like English, also like to make friends. But no one came to talk to me for a long time

If you want to talk with English speakers , it is inconceivable to announce you like American . That  implies American is your only choice . People who can speak English are not American all the time .

okay  i know it  thanks very much

and my point is  i like the person who can speak english

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