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I want to be smart

How can i become a little smarter?



Read books, and become smarter ;)

I suggest travelling besides books! It'll open your mind and give you new perspections. 


let me tell you something : no one is stupid because when we were born we all were an empty page some of us has develloped his knowledges and another didn't

maybe you're not smart in math or physics but there's something that makes you different , something you are good at it

like me : i'm good in physics and a little bit in math and english but i'm totaly dummy when it comes to philosophy and science but it's not the end of the world you should stick with the things that you're good at it and try to improve more 

no one is perfect 


some of people are like you and me  when i speak  with them . I think I m really stupid but there is one thing they can speak in the good way! i hardly speak about sth or sb that  i saw and judge about their actions but other people can see details and can judge  about them!

Experince , practice and learning from books can make you smarter . To read books is not the only way to make you smart . But I have to concess , smartness is inborn , instinct from time to time . it cannot be mimicked all the time .

Leave your mind opened and explore :)



You are still so young) Your experience will come over years to you certainly!.. Now just live, do your work, study, enjoy your life! Everything will come so soon :)

Buy a Smartphone :P
  be interested in IQ Games :)


  Try to take top of or close to it. This will help you in the study of languages as well as in other spheres.

Simple. If you want to be smart you will be smart. If you do not want to be smart you will not.

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