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Dead Soul and Emotion

Could you tell me in what circumstances, human lose his or her soul and has no emotion at all to anything? 



our soul and imotions never dead till we will no more.. we can only hide them from others but not all the times. human being is a imotional creature having some feelings like love, affection, anger, sadness, respect etc. but in some very rare(exceptional) cases it can happen where we can control.. it through meditation etc.


Thanks Sumit )

How would I know if I lost my soul? What is a soul anyway? If by "no emotion at all to" you meant "apathy" or "indifference", well, it's usually caused by depression or some kind of mental disorder.

So, you lose your soul after succesfully summoning a dark entity or a demon which is almost the same and by failing to be protected or by failing to contain it.

Or, by selling your soul to an unknow bypasser dressed in black who will grant you every wish.

Or, by having your whole family including friends annihilated by an unknown entity.

Or, just simply losing it by having problems or being tired when you are in no mood for almost anything :)


I could be totally off-base here but I think vocation is an important part of being content.  (I don't know about "happy" -- that state comes and goes like nice weather -- but contentment is related to spending your time in a useful way, I think.)  I actually have NO IDEA if this applies to you, a younger person in a different place -- but I've seen that my "happy" friends know who they are, what makes them happy whereas my "depressed" friends seem to not know where they fit in the world.   So, here's an article on that topic ... about finding your vocation.


I like this article because it's nice balance between being realistic (get a job, be safe, earn money) and follow your dreams (take come chances, trust your intuition, speak your truth, etc) 


Again, just to reiterate ... since we're stuck in this body and have to solve spiritual / existential issues in the Here and Now, I think how you spend your time really matters, that's why I am responding to your comment about losing your soul with an artile about finding your calling.


With my best wishes

_/\_ MT

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