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Who can advise me?

I search online english teacher but the lessons are both cheap and qualified)))



i can advise you, isn't a good idea! :)

Use video lessons, for example, mine :)

No matter how you want to learn English , the first thing I want you to ascertain is to evaluate your level in English for 4 fields . Prior to your intensive concentration , you have to identify what kind of lessons you need .

@AntoniaRomaker where are yours videos? can i see them?

Hi dear

I have an outstanding advice for you, you should make use of a practical website instead of an online English teacher.

This is its address :

IN fact, you can find lots of tips and tricks through this website's videos 

@Martin they are on Youtube -

By the way, what do you mean by "cheap"? Cheap means someting what's valuless..............and the word right after it you have said "qualfied".........if you think it's cheap.....then the lessons won't be quallified..........

Have a nice day.


The cheapet way to learn English is to listen to the radio or read easy English books.



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