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What do you do to keep yourself motivated while learning languages?



I personally take it in bits and pieces. Don't try to do twenty different things in a day--do two. It's easier not to get so burned out if you slow down.

I talk about it with everybody around me (friends, colleagues, family) and when they ask for my progress it motivates me. Also, I listen to online radio and when I start to understand a few things, i notice that I am getting better.

boss yells at me if i'm not using the language properly he's my daily motivator

When someone is not talking to me in english. It is such a pressure hence it motivate me to study more.

I think, a bigger motivation comes from ourself

if it comes from other people, it doesnt have an a big power cause we feel forced.

as an example.. my motivation of learning english is to get score 600 of my TOEFL test as a requirements master degree scholarship...

so i have a big motivation to cath my dream

Thanks everyone for sharing! I'll use some of those methods to keep myself motivated and I hope that they can help other people too.


Communicating with native speakers always makes me very excited during languages learning. In my opinion that expressing myself in other languages is one of the most exciting things in the world.  What we are learning is for communication, I could talk with native speakers and I could learn a lot from them at the same time.     

I always refer to the aspects of logics and emotions, as well as subjective and objective approaches.

Something that makes me motivated is the perception of my evolution in English. And I create goals, things that I would like to able to watch, listen or read in English. When I started learning, I wanted to be able to listen to the radio and to read the book series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, created by Douglas Adams. Now I have already read two books and listened to three episodes. 

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