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good friend

our topic is good friend,anything about it is ok!



good friend is someone who invite us to do a positive thing

but sometimes ,when you invite your friends to do some positive things,i said to him ,don't be that negative,come on ,man ,don't just play computer everyday ,let's go study ,he just close his ears!!

the friends who believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself or when no one else believes
in you and who will laugh "with" you and not "at you"...

during the whole life we will found many friends but real friend are few in counting... :)

A good friend who is always there for you during thick and thin.

A good friend is a person who cares about you genuinely , a person

who motivates you to chase your dreams and leads you to the right way

a person who knows you and understands you even don't even say a word

a person who has good things to say about you're absent

a person even if you don't talk everyday you'll still feel connected to each other

a good friend that words can't describe what I feel about them. 

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