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Reasons why i support gay marriage.

A civilized nation should be tolerant and respectful on this issue.

Homos do no harm to this society,besides,it's a legit  civilian right to love someone no matter the gender.Since the homos are the minority of the society ,they have been treated unfairly and marginalized somehow.They just want peoples' understanding and appeal to equal rights.


As a hetro, i strongly root for the legality of gay marriage,just let's be more tolerant! Say goodbye to dicrimination!



Can't agree more.

I've just talked about this with my friend who's from France. In France, gay marriage is totally legal, right? I think of the legality of gay marriage as a progress of society or nation. In China, there are more and mroe people take this easier and easier with time passing, well, we have to admit, that there are indeed still many people think of it as an unacceptable thing. 

Just like you said, harming society has nothing to do with the gender or sex orientation. Straight people even do more harmful things.

We do have to give more respects to homos, and this is hwere the society is going.

I am not against with gay marriage however I dont support it because supporting means that I agree that it is not a sin. Personally I believe that it is wrong for a guy to guy and girl to girl relationship but everyone has a free will to do everything what they want wether other or they themselves think if it is right or wrong. If ever in the future my country will have a law allowing a gay marriage it's fine with me if no such law will be made its fine with me as well. Anyway either way it wont affect me personally.

Yes, i totally agree with you ,Roy Hsiao.I think your thought is more insightful, thanks .

Doris - I don't want this to come across in the wrong way but your indifference is just as harmful as those people who are openly against gay marriage. It's not about whether it affects you or not - it's a simple question of human rights and the right to choose who we marry:

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. - Elie Wiesel 


Imagine if white people had said to black people that their rights issues didn't affect them because they themselves weren't black? Or if men said that women's rights issues didn't affect them because they weren't women? It's about society as a whole and no minority should be oppressed simply because of colour of their skin, gender or even sexual orientation. At the end of the day, someone's homosexual marriage has no more or less effect on the sanctity of marriage than my heterosexual marriage would.


As Roy said - straight people do a lot more damage to society and the institution of marriage than most gay people do. You can't help who you love.

By the way - this thread will probably be deleted soon. Hot topics like this usually are!

@Katrina I disagree with you about @Doris Day position... She does no harm to anyone chosing not to be involved, she's just follwing what she belives. In her point of view homossexuality is a sin so she should give up her beliefs and fight for something she thinks is not right? Looking in perpective she is doing much more then meny people, specially religious people who think that legal mariege is the same as religious meriage. She is not get in the way of anyone, but she has the right to chose not to be involved in something that she thinks is not right but does not affect her beliefs. To say that she HAS to support anything (yes, because if you think her possition is harmful this is what youre saying) is just to be as intolerant as the people who say that gay legal mariege is wrong and that they HAVE to be straight and have a "traditional" family.

If I'm not mistaken Doris said on another topic she even have gay friends and stuff, right?


Plus, I'm totally pro gay mariage and I'm a agnostic so no sins attached here.

Do you believe that, here in Brazil, a "congress man" tried to create a law allowing a treatment to cure gay people? He is a protestant minister as well and... well, better not to say here because we can't talk about religion on iTalki. By the way the law didn't pass, thanks God \o/


@Bruce... I don't really get what you're saying... who are you talking about?

Actually, Francisco, I'm not saying anyone HAS to support anything - I'm saying they SHOULD. There is a difference. I cannot force anyone to support anything just as much as I can stop gay people loving each other and having sex.

As I also said, it is not about beliefs, it is about oppression - throughout history, people have decided to oppress others on various things, often things that the oppressed have no control over (sexual orientation, gender, colour).

I have said in previous discussion on this topic that people often pick and choose the passages from the Bible (or other religious script) that they want to believe. But as you have said, better not to get into religious discussion here.

I don't understand how you can have true gay friends and then want to deny them the happiness of love. A happiness that you feel entitled to because you happen to love someone of the "correct" gender. None of us get out of this world alive so why make others suffer during the short time they are here on this Earth (and yes, in the scope of things, our lives are but the blink of an eye).

Thankfully, support for gay marriage is growing.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” - Mahatma Gandhi 

Julio, you probably should not refer to gay people as "homos."  That could be considered offensive.  I would use "homosexuals" or "gay people" instead.

Thanks for your advice John Koch, it's my fault

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