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What do you think of international love?Would u like to have a girlfriend(or boyfriend) from other countries?

I found more and more Chinese women married foreigners and lived in China,they look happy when they stay together,and my foreigner teacher also has a Chinese girlfriend.



Love is not something about nation boundaries. don't take it wrong. you love, you love, not you are from the same/different country(ies), you (can't) love

I agree with u,but there also exsists many factors except love,family problems and some girls just dont want to find a foreigner

I think an international love perhaps happen...

but If we decided to have an international relationship, we should be carefulll, cause recognize people who far from us is difficult,

and it is not an easy thing to combine two people which have a much differences esspecialy its culture


@sherry, did you run into such problems?

In my opinion love don t your natioanality ,religion, political views or skips all these barriers . International love may be somehow interesting but in case when one respectsand get along with the anothers habits , traditions , religion etc.   But in case all these don t exist among couple , sooner or later love grows to hatred and cause many problems...   

To me, either marriage can last longer or not, it depends on the couple keeping the elements of honesty, sacrifice, and mutual respect, support and understanding. Marriage is to live together as a two-in-one (or basic) social institution, sharing the hard and happy times together. So, international love or not, is not the question.   

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