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boys,what's the purpose of you to come here to register an account?

I met several opposite sex friends on italki.We chatted happily and exchanged our photos.

But some of them always stop chatting with me after they asked:"do you have a boyfriend or are you single?"Of course ,my answer is :"yes, I do, or no ,i'm not single."

I'm curious about your purpose boys.To find a partner or a girlfriend?



You forgot the chinese saying, boys working with girls makes work easier.


Well, my opinion is there are always some people come with purpose that you don't accept, but think in their spots, you only came for language partner? what the heck... this might be their thoughts. So no need to be disappointed, talk to people who you think will have a great moment with

for meeting you.

It says in the "what not to do" section that italki is not a dating site. I guess there are a lot of people who don't actually read it, though!

I came to this site to look for someone to speak english so we have to be respeted to other because I like to learn good thing. and that why come to this site. but like the question you have I have,because until now I hadnot been talking with any one.

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