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There must be 'something good' that happened to you today.

Did your boss yell at you today? Did somebody tell you you're stupid? Do you regret something you did that made everyone doubt your competence? I know how you feel. But let's not dwell on that. 

Look back and think. What was the 'one good thing' that made you smile today?




I robbed my colleague's lunch box and didn't pay him :(...

yeah, it was a joke, I'll let him rob me tmr...

nothing happened to make me feel good today but im oky 

A puppy, and walking home in a slow pace, enjoying the fresh and cool  Spring air in by neighborhood. I felt complete. :)

my imagination made me happy all the time. Is it a good thing? 

I think so Khadija. It's delightful to have imagination! :D

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