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Anyone who could recommand books?


Do anyone here know any good books in English?


I have come to that situation who makes me want to write a book in English and give to my English teacher for practicing the language, the problem is that I don't know the structure (and more things) in the English literature and would like to read me to it.


I am not interested in childrens or teenage books and I am not interested in books who is all about love.


Come with books who you think is good and/or who could help me!


Thank you





9 views, 54 minutes and only one comment? Come on people, don't be so shy with your books! I promise I won't hit you with them :).


To Shill66:

Okay, thank you.

In my opinion, you shall try some autobiography. I can recommond one book,

" Beyond the blue skies"

This is a autobiography of MR J R D Tata, a big industrialist of India, Originated from France. I really love this book.

It depends. What kind of literature do you like to read? I know that you ruled out a couple of genres, but that's still too broad I think. Anyway, I highly suggest you read any book by Philip Roth. He's a contemporary author and his language is not that difficult. If I had to choose one I'd go with Indignation.

I think you maybe would like to read the biography, that is really story, you could try

Religious discussions aside, the Bible is written in Old English. The language really is archaic. Some parts are incomprehensible even to native speakers. I just had a look at an English translation of the Qu'rann online, and it looks much the same. I'm not trying to offend, I'm just saying that they're not suitable for someone who wants to learn English.


What kind of genre do you like?

I know you said you don't want to read books for children and teenagers, but level o

Matthew Reilly novels are aimed at young adults, but the language is simple enough that children wouldn't have a problem reading them. I think his early novels are a lot simpler (in language) than his more recent ones though. I've seen kids around ten years old read his novels, but my dad has also enjoyed some of his novels.

Wilbur Smith is a very good and experienced writer. He's been writing for a long time. His language is a bit more novel-like than Reilly's. I know people my age that read his books, as well as people's grandparents. Most of his novels take place in Africa, and usually have some historical context. Some of his novels that take place in ancient Egypt are a bit more fantastical. I've only read a few of the many novels he's written though.

If you like horror, read novels by Stephen King.

try reading books from H.P. Lovecraft, they may make you insane but if you dont take em too seriously it'll be ok. Then read Silmarillion from J.R.R. Tolkien its great. And maybe something like Sherlock holmes or The wolf Totem ( great mongolian book ).

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