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How did you find your first language exchanger?

How did u find ur language exchanger ? I mean, it is not easy to find a people have the suitable time and would like to talk with u , especially in spoken . In fact , I haven't found my language partner until now . Sometime it is because of the time difference. I hope to improve the oral English . Wish you can be!



I found him here, after one day. He's amazing and really good teacher. We have time difference od 11 hours, but we still managed to talk every day.

I haven't found someone yet. :/ 

I found really nice people here on Italki, some language partners I met in my city and others in communities on Facebook. It is interesting to consider the idea of creating a conversation group with your friends too. I am a member of one of these groups and it is so refreshing, even though most people who are part of it can speak my native language. But we resist the urge to speak Portuguese, we just push ourselves as much as we can to speak only English, and believe me, it has been a wonderful experience .

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