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Could you please correct my paragraph?

An interesting city

   My interesting city is Da Nang. It is the best place where i want to travel. First, The weather in Da Nang is very comfortable, especially in the summer. When you come here from April to August, you can go to the beach and enjoy all activities in there. Some beachs that i want to recommend to you are Pham Van Dong's beach, Nguyen Sinh Sac's beach. Da Nang's cuisine is very special and delicious. It's not too expensive and very fresh. You should try Quang noodles and Nam O raw fish salad. Second, People called Da Nang is the city of light. In the evening, Da nang is lighted up by many road lamps with different colours. And it is also known about many famous bridges like han Bridge, Thuan Phuoc bridge and the newest bridge is Dragon bridge that breaths fire every weekend. The final hot pot in Da Nang that I want to introduce is Linh Ung Pagoda located on Son Tra Island with a big Quan Am statue. If you want to get something lucky, come there and tell the statue then lucky things will come to you.




Thanks M_rk_s. I'm so happy when you correct my paragraph. I've just begun learning Toefl-ibt. In my paragraph, 'a little strange word' is the name of food, lanscape, bridge.... Thank you again! I'll try my best!
My name is Nghia and I come from Viet Nam. Nice to meet you!

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