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Disconnecting Facebook from italki

I signed into italki using Facebook, but I didn't know people from italki could find my Facebook when I did that. I've gotten messages and friend requests from people on there now, but I only want italki people to follow me on italki, not message me on FB. Can I disconnect FB from italki and still sign in to italki using FB? Or can I switch my account on italki somehow so there's no FB stuff?



1] Go to your profile page.

2] Click on edit profile.

3] Scroll down and go to settings.

4] On account and on third-party services, click on edit.

**Now, you can disconnect facebook and modify your sign-in e-mail address for italki.

**Don't forget to check your other privacy settings.


You can also e-mail italki support here:




Hope that helps.

Good luck! (^_^)

Thanks Julia. That worked. :)

@Emma: You're welcome :-) I think you should NEVER (ever) link your accounts. It's very risky and you might lose all your accounts at once if it gets hacked. Stay safe :-)


@M_rk_s: Linking accounts makes it easier for people to sign-in to many web services at once. It saves time and also saves people from the trouble of remembering multiple account log-ins & passwords. On the other hand, doing that is very risky because it makes us an easy taget for hackers as they only need to crack one log-in username and one password for all the accounts. So, why are we provided with this option then? Well, web companies nowadays link to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to increase their online ad revenues. More linked accounts = more online ads = more money for them = less privacy for us! It's so frustrating, isn't it? Have you heard of the recent changes in Google's TOS and also about the revamped new feature of Facebook that you can't keep your profile private anymore? They just want more money, I guess. They don't care anymore about "consumer privacy."




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