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What do you do when you don't like your classmate?


If there was a classmate who liked to bullied you and you didn't like that person. For me, I would walk away and not talking with that person but some of my friends may talk to that person directly.


If you were in this situation, what would you do?



If my classmates bullied me, that I would bully him!   Haha, just kidding! 

give him ignorance ~ get hime out of my mind. lol...

In my school it usually goes to a fight, But people Mostly pick others for bullying than me. But when it happens I tell them to stop politely which usually does not work and the usually the fight starts... Its not good that people who are eager to bully or beat you do this just becouse they think the can and they think its satisfactory and its a great shock for them when you acctualy win, and they can loose all their personality and become even more agresive... Thats why I always talk to them first. 

Wow did write that much ? Sorry i got carried away :)

I probably don't have the best way of dealing with it but when people try to push me around, I'm pretty laid back but I do have a breaking point. If you push past this breaking point then I will explode and you will regret it.

If I see other people trying to bully others, though, I will always step in. People need to know that bullying is not acceptable behaviour.

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