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How many hours do you dedicate to improve learning a new language each day?



Hello Mila, I listen to an audio less for one hour each day while I am driving. I study from a textbook for about one hour each day. I try to spend at least 30 minutes talking to a native on Skype, and I probably spend 30 minutes reviewing vocabulary flash cards each day as well. So about three hours total. I'm not a student, I'm an adult learning Spanish as a hobby and for travel.

within ten times each month..

i want to change my habis, it is lazy that i hate it so much..

and i am a busy girl, no enough time to learn other languages...

depends with my schedule and mood hehe but mostly it is just between 1-5 hours.

I wish I had time to study like four hours every day. I might soon because my work schedule will slow down quite a bit but for now I work about 55 hours a week and I only have time for about six-seven hours a week to study and then maybe some more time reviewing with audio and flashcards. However, the days that I do get to put in three hours my brain is totally fried!


I spend 2-3 hours every day. I work full-time and am not a student.


- 30 minutes listening during my commute

- 60 minutes listening while walking

- 30 - 60 minutes doing some or all of: talking to someone over Skype, working in a grammar workbook, watching a TV show (sometimes I don't have time to do any of these)

- 15 minutes vocabulary review

- 15 minutes reading before bed.

I have to consume 5-6 odd hours to master my language . However, it varies according to your effort and intelligence . It takes little effect when you invest less than 2 hours in your target language .

thanks everybody, I spend less hours than yours, but I'll try to improve it

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