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Mujhe & Mein (Hindi/Urdu help)

I get confused on using the 2 words mujhe & mein in a sentence. I have been told that mujhe means "to me" & mein means " I" if that is the case then why is it that when you want something you have to say " mujhe khana chaiyee". Wouldn`t it make sense to say "Mein khana chahiye"? 



It is because of the verb, chahiye (should, must, ought to). In this case "I" becomes the dative object and the verb in the infinitive. A bit confusing but it is the Hindi/Urdu grammar.

I want to eat food -- mein khana (food) khana chahta hoon. This is a normal sentence.

I should eat food --- mujhe khana (food) khana (to eat) chahiye.

(Mujhe khana chahiye means I need food)

I should learn Urdu - mujhe urdu sikhna chahiye.


There are more such verbs in which I becomes dative object.

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