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Search engine on italki

I think it would be very useful feature. What do you think about it? Who should i suggest to introduce it?




Yes it will be a useful feature. You can use the alternative solution listed below for now till they implement this feature. 


I think you can either try to contact Italki support or contact Italki Community Manager Sam. Don't quote me on this one though :D 


Now, an alternative solution till the search function is implemented:

You can use to search Italki's content. To do so you can use the following format: 

Put the following line in red in the search bar:



An example: 

If I were to put in the following line in Google search:

tips for learning mandarin


Google will search through 


I used these keywords because that is what I wrote in my last discussion post so I know what keywords to put in for haha.

You will see that the first result is my discussion post link :)


I hope this helps! :D



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