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Did you already turn on the heating this season?


Did you already turn on the heating this season?


It's getting colder in the northen hemisphere. I am putting on more an more clothes. So I am using a thick sweater now. But yesterday night, it was so cold in my room! I could not sleep and used a warm water jar to heat my bed. I tell people I am doing it for the environment, and the green house effect. But I am just cheap and do not want to spend money.


At the moment it gets colder, at home, do you put on more clothes, or do you think you want to look fashionable even in your own house? Have you put on the heating already? Do you use warm water jars to preheat your bed in the winter?



Here in Southern hemisphere it should be getting hoter, but it is not. It is a little cold here and I still have to wear heavy coats. Maybe because I´m thin or sensitive but I feel more coldness than my people and general acquaintances. Some days ago a friend said she loved my wintercoats because they look foreign, I just smiled but fashion is not my thing. I just wear heavier coats because I need it. 

Now I take them off before getting into the office, so people won´t notice it. :)

In my house I put on more clothes and cover myself with blankets. My mother doent´s like to me with blankets around the house so I take them off when strangers visit us.  





   Yes, about three weeks ago  I started turning on the heat around Midnight and kept it on into the morning.

I turned it on just to make sure it was working ok.  It's ready to go, but I'm going to wait as long as I can before I use it.  It's still not cold here, and  I would rather save the money. : )

I'm in a tropical country, and the temperature is always around 30 degree Celcius :) lol, I don't need any sweater ^^

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