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When Women Make A Flirtatious Remark To The Men.

I was walking in the street and there was a group of middle-aged men well-dressed to attend a wedding. Suddenly a woman crosses them and says: "you look good-looking". I though: "¡what a very pleasant woman!". But one of the man laughing said " that woman need a man" I was very shocked with that comment nowadays. So little have we changed?



I'm so sorry Ayad, maybe I haven't explained me well. In Spain, some men say good words only to be friendly with woman. But It is not in an offensive way. It's only a manner to greet. But, when woman do the same thing it seems different. In fact, I don't like it, but it exists in some parts of Spain. 

I wonder the man who commented this is the one that most needs someone. Hahahaha. If that was his first thought about her comment, so it might be the same to him when he compliments women. However, of course, he'll never admit it to his friends or mainly to a woman.

That's very unfair! I don't understand why men think so bad instead of feeling flatted. But that's so.

Besides, if they were a group of men, they need to look so cockies in front of the other guys! What a pity!

>Dutch man< What's your problem? you corrected Mila's question "quitely", why did you make a  noise when you corrected Ayad's comment? You're an old man, take it easy. It's for your own good. Think of it this way, you will die one day, but Islam will continue to exist after your death though . Islam existed before your honorable arrival to earth, Islam still exists even though you're alive and Islam will continue to exist after your death. If you get angry over it's existance, then you're harming yourself. Take it easy, will you.

In my country, it is not unusual that a woman says flattery to a man. We can say nice words to them, why not? there are men truly beautiful. Why can't we women to admire male beauty? It doesn't mean that we are needing a man. Fortunately we have freed ourselves of so much social prejudice.

And by the way, Dutch man, what Ayad has written is  a comment not a message.

In my country it wouldn't be that shocking, but it would be weird because she was commenting on older men (even though I do not know her age, I presume).

P.S. I completely agree with Ayad.  

I am sorry of what it has happened in my discussion. I am a bit sad.

Thank you everyone for participating.



Mila, don't worry about it, everybody gives their own point of view in a discussion.

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