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why driving is so hard?



Why is driving so hard? Well we don't all have the natural ability to just jump in and go. I find it hard too, so I tried an automatic.:-D

Why do you think of driving in such a way ? Driving is supposed to be a fascinating job , you can relish the scenery during your journey . I take advantage of driving as my rest of brainstorm .

it's really hard because you always think you'll have an accident. You just have to convince yourself that driving is fun. Thats the thing i though when i first drove without my coach. I hope this helpful

You had better practice your driving  without too many vehcles on rural area at first . It was not till you  settle down your steering bit by bit that wonderful thing will happen , you will appreciate to drive is a pleasant experience . Have a fun for your driving .

well, I don't find it difficult at all, but I think I now what are you refering to.....what make it difficult (for me) is how people drive, I mean...if they have a license they ought to know some basic rules, am I right? but most people keep on breaking the law, and that's so annoying ¬¬

not at all.. it is your state of mind.. if u thought it is hard it becomes and if you think easy it becomes easy. " practise make a man perfect " that is a perfect line which is sufficient to explain :)

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