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About which topic or topics can you talk through without being bored?



hi! :)

about me of course))




 I don't know what you mean Michael.  When I give a lesson to my students,  I never here that they are bored.




I like conversations that I can learn a little bit and also share knowledge with the other person.  I'm always intrigued by people who know a lot about things that I know very little.

i like topics that my knowledge in it little .


Video games, basically... I am very critics and perfectionist with the things I like so I generaly have a different opiion then other people about a lot of games. I Like to discuss it.


Language learning is cool as well... and sometimes religion but in this case I like to talk with people who can answer my questions undertending that they are just questions, not criticism.


For me, no matter what I say, no matter what I do, I'm always bored.

I'm so fatalist and it's not with my 3 poor words in english that I will be interesting one day.


But, I think, when you're talking about a common pastime like ; an artist, a tv serie, a movie, or a game. You are less tired because you're motivated for sharing your emotions.


When I do not have any ideas, I say anything. Most of the time, it's some lyrics abour Cindy Lauper like :  " If i had a dollar every time i cried, I'd be living high and mighty, yes yes yes..."


I hope It helps ヾ(^-^)ノ


i think talk about love is always interesting.

It doesn't matter what is the topic what matter most who am I talking with.

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