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are you affraid with hypodermic needle?

being mature doesnt always means you lost your fear.

are you affraid with hypodermic needle?

would you tell me about your experience to figth your fear?



Of course, all we feel afraid of hypodermic needle, we can't overcome easily the fear, but as adults, we have to make us strong, because it would be ridiculous to cry or to scream because someone puts us a hypodermic needle.

Yes! Terrified!

I never used to be afraid up until the age of around 13, I guess. I had to have 4 teeth removed. The first was removed by my childhood dentist and everything was fine. However, when I went back to have the second tooth removed, there was a new dentist. The injection was fine but he didn't give me enough anesthetic and then broke the tooth while removing it. He had to call his colleague in to check nothing was left behind. In short, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. For the next two removals I decided to go under general anesthetic because I just couldn't go through it again. Ever since then I have been afraid of needles. I have been back to my original dentist and had my jaw lock when she wanted to give me an injection.

Most recently I moved to Dubai and had to have blood tests in order to recieve my visa. Before I even went into the room I was freaking out, crying before I even got to the chair. I couldn't look at the needle when she put it in my arm. The nurse was really kind and tried to calm me down but at one point I thought she had finished and so looked at my arm just to see the needle sticking in it! Big mistake! The nurse tried to warn me but it was too late and I started to get really stressed. Luckily it was over quickly (well, I say quickly but it felt like forever). The nurse turned to look at me, tears streaming down my face, and said "it's ok, the surgery is over!" it made me laugh but I still hate needles. It's not just about being grown up, though. My dad is 60 and still afraid of needles!

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