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Have you found a real free teacher who taught you language in here?




The possibility to find a free eligible teacher here is approzimately zero . But , you may find a couple of language partners here to practice your target language other than your language is too rare .

There is no free meal all the time , can  you cannot be a free rider forever .

I myself prefer self-learning, comparative approach and verification. Most important is to have enough resources and opportunities to access. Nowadays there are lot of learning materials such as grammar, audio clips and dictionary on the Net. The only thing is having the initiative to search or make research on the language. Here on Italki is one of the best places for sharing the interest of language learning by consultation and practice. If the question is not answered yet, just keep it for the next time. This cyber meeting place can be the motivation for everyone since we are not lonely and confined in our subjective world of dream and interest.



Thanks all

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