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Why people do not speak the same language?

Why people do not speak the same language?

What is the wisdom of different languages and dialects among the people?


لماذا الناس لا يتحدثون نفس اللغة؟

ما هي الحكمة من اللغات واللهجات المختلفة بين الناس؟



Will people around the world say the same and single language someday ?

The world wouldn't be very interesting if there only one culture speaking the same language. In fact, this site wouldn't even exist among other things. Why do not we not worship the same god? It's because we have all grown up differently and have been taught different things.

historical reasons

Different people (culture and race), different languages. Should we ask why we were born in a different identity? The only solution to connect people into the same language is by using the language of wider communication (LWC). As we know English is one of the languages which are spoken in the international relations. But every individual speaks according to the local custom and not all have the opportunity to learn or practise English very well.


The wisdom of having language and dialect differences is to provide opportunities to know each other as well as to be challenges for the linguists and the related experts in their research and implementation to produce methods and literature which eventually become the source of knowledge, income and social benefits.

Each language shows how its culture thinks. You can learn much grammar or many words in a language, but it's very difficult for non-native people to understand many expressions or words, because you have to know how those people think. It can establish a common language for a better worldwide understanding and communication, but you can't establish a global culture.

دليل علي قدرة الله   فسبحان الله


what do you think if all of people has same face?


I think our life is beautiful with these differents!





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