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Someday all of the people in the world will speak one language! What do you think of this language?

Someday all of the people in the world will speak one language! What do you think of this language?
English or Arabic or French or Italian or German?Chinese. Japanese. Indian. Spanish. Portuguese. Korean. Russian.Czech.Danish. Croatian. Turkish. Latin. Urdu......Or sign language?


يوما ما كل الناس في العالم سوف يتكلم لغة واحدة! ما رأيك في هذه اللغة؟
الإنجليزية أو العربية أو الفرنسية أو الإيطالية أو الألمانية؟ الصينية. اليابانية. الهندية. الإسبانية. البرتغالية. الكورية. الروسية
التشيكية.الدنمركية. الكرواتية. التركية. اللاتينية. الأردية ...... أو لغة الإشارة؟




This language will never exist, because it's impossible that all people will speak the same language!


I think it will be mixture of all languages.

if that will happen, it will be Arabic cause it's the language of Quran. Thanks

Nobody can predict about the future. The mother language remains essential in every culture. The second language depends on the world progress. For Muslims if they (and I myself) prefer to speak in the Quranic Arabic language as an Islamic brotherhood convention, yes hopefully it will be achieved if there are initiatives and commitment. For the whole world the question is which language is the most influential in terms of politics, economy, administration, laws, media, popular cultures, science and techonology as well as the easier access into the language either in the form of script, popular terminology or less grammatical changes? Just wait and see. 

Maybe in the future all people will know how to speak english or whatever international language however  we will not forget our mother tongue and we will always speak using our mother tongue because we can express ourself better than our second language.


What a boring world that would be ...  I hope this doesn't happen!

i think arabic



As the technology exists already I think we may all in a few years just speak into something like our phones in whatever language we speak and it will say it to the other person in their language.  So problem no reason for anyone to learn any other language then their own in a few years cause of technology.  :)

actually, we can develop a new language which can be regarded as an offical language to make communications. And it is better for people from different countries and culture to have their own mother language as well as learing a second, more commonly used language. This can both protect their own culture and make it possible to communicate with others more conveniently.

I lik leaguage arabic 

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