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how to use "in a while"?who can tell me, please?

how to use "in a while"?who can tell me, please?




Hello Penn, I am busy right at this moment but I hope I can explain 'in a while' ... in a while.


Or have I just explained it!






John: "I'm going to the shop to buy some milk. I'll be back in a while."
Johns Imaginary Friend : "Ok. See you in a while" 


"I'm going travelling for 3 months so I won't be around for a while"



in a while=in a moment=for some time?


Hello Penn. I'm back again! I have finished my work, so I now have time to explain 'in a while.'


In fact, I don't think I'll EXPLAIN. I'll give some examples that are true for me this very afternoon! (this very afternoon ... means... this particular afternoon/today/now. It's an unusual use of 'very.')


I want a cup of coffee, but I am typing now. Obviously! I'll make that cup of coffee IN A WHILE.


It's now 1.45pm and at 2pm I have a student online from Moscow....  so in a very short while (2 minutes?) I must prepare for the lesson!


I hope this helps! Come on other teachers and students! Let's have some more examples of what we're going to do... in a while!



but how to understand"we haven't seen you on fb in a while"?

this sentense is wrong?

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