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How you call your old brother/sister in your country?

Hi friends,how you call your old brother / sister?

Just call they names or you put another word before they name?

In Indonesia = We are usually call

"kakak/kak (they name)" = For old brother/sister

"Adik/dik ( they name ) " = For young brother / sister


How about your contry?

Thanks for shared ^_^



ate - for older sister

kuya- for older brother


We just call our younger siblings with their name.



Doris : Thank you ^_^

In Urdu language, we have specific words to call elder brothers and sisters.


For elder brother, we use "Bhai/Bhai Jan" (may or may not add his name)

For elder sister, we use "Baji/Aapi" (may or many not her name)


However, we call younger brothers and sisters by their names.

gege/didi-for borther

jiejie/meimei-for sister



In the Netherlands, we call our siblings by their names.

But when we are describing our family to other people we use the words:

Zus = Older sister
Zusje = Younger sister
Broer = Older brother
Broertje = Younger brother

Zahid,lily and Nicky : Thanks guys


In Vietnam, for older brothers: anh+ their name

for older sisters: chị+ their name

for younger brothers/sisters: em+their name

But in your family, you can call just their name

I have two younger sisters and they call me "hermano" (brother). When I want to talk with them, I say their names.

In Turkey, for older sisters: abla or their name+abla

for older brothers: abi/ağabey or their name+abi/ağabey

for younger brothers/sisters: we call them by their names. ^^


we don't have such thing in my country we just call each other with our names or we make nicknames

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