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If you come to China,Where you want to go ?

  There is  23 provinces in China ,and many tourist attractions in every province.

For example,

the Great Wall and the foribdden city in Beijing,

Guilin in GuiZhou province

Jiuzhaigou and Emeishan(Emeishan is one of the four most sacred buddhist mountains in china)


where you want to go ?



Definitely the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin warriors

Wo !!!!! you can go the songshan shaolin temple (嵩山少林寺)in Henan province


I would like to visit Canton (Guandong?), Hainan, Hongkong and Macau in the south, Shanghai (my favourite Chinese city name), Funan (Yunnan?) and Xinjiang.

I dream of going to Chengdu and the Sichuanese province. I definetly plan on making it there someday.


the great wall

the great wall of china!

but where is forbidden city ?and why you called forbiden city?

the forbidden city (the Imperial Palace) in beijing ,

the Imperial Palace/the forbidden city where the emperors in Qing Dynasty were live in.

in Qing Dynasty , people said the foebidden city.

but now we said the Imperial Palace.

i will go to da lien,,,, actualy i don't know where is it,,, but i know some girl from the past her name is liu dan or xiao wen,,, in 2004 she already come to my country indonesia,,, i just hope can met her,,, or maybe somebody read this and know about her,,, just tell her,,,  i still remember the last word she said,,,, and i waiting until know to tell her that question she give it to me,,,

"There is 23 provinces in China"


NOT 23  ,  actually , the right number is 32.


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