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some questions about Spanish

I have made acquaintance of the married male spanish and we have a chat everyday.

He is a nice guy, but there is something did make me quite uncomfortable that he always wants to nudge the conversation towards the subject of sex. 

First, i am not familar with him and, in my opinion, he shouldn't talk those things with my anyway.

secondly, even though I have expressed what i felt and have known that may just a culture difference, I still feel grossly weird and a little disgusted.

Q1: is it all the Spanish like to discuss sex with others?

Q2: what should i do?




You are mistaken.  He is not a "nice" guy.  He is a married man who is acting "nice" so that you'll give in to his sexual overtures.


Q 1   Don't judge an entire nationality by the actions of one.

Q 2   You should stop chatting with him.  


What I don't understand is why you have to ask a website full of strangers concerning what you should do when a married man tries to involve you in a sexual conversation.


Hello, I am male Spanish and I must to say that each person is unique so you can find people who are interesting, funny and kind. Furthermore you should not judge Spanish people in general because it is a mistake to generalize. Needless to say that if you don´t feel confortable talking with a person, it´s up to you to avoid it.

 I hope to help you.

thank you for the advice of all of you!

actually, i had dicided not to talk with him any more at first.

but he told me that it just a culture difference, and i believed.

now, i realize that it is very likely that he cheated me and i am no longer going to contact with him.

certainly, i won't judge Spanish with tinted glasses eyes.

Internet is a convenient avenue for people to express certain things in their mind that they have no other outlets for.  Perhaps that's the reason of his behavior.  It is certainly not cultural.


Take care.

Thank you!

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