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What best solution do you learn at italki

Hello Everyone, I come from vietnam. I have learned english since 7 years but my level is not good. I try to practice english more than. And Now I see italki, who tell me What best solution do you learn at italki ?



To practice your writing and reading here is the first you can go forward here .

The simple communication is so easy so I can't grow my skill. I think I should talk about with more people

Both speaking and writing are active skills. Start to be active from writing now. Only what is needed here is vocabulary and sentence structure to help think in English.

Thanks Hilmy. In fact, I know huge of vocabulary, at the same time I have remember a lot of english structure but When I speak to everyone in crowd, my reaction is very slow.

I work in the enviroment no use english 'cause I don't have opportunity to use english.


Finding a pen-pal :D

In fact, Almost discussions in website is basic level. Everyone is usually using some of easy words, I join in to Italki community has a long time but I don't see a lot of people write the complex structure grammar. So that I can't receive the new knowledge


May be, the category "Discussion" has a lot of beginer begin to study english. But seldom the intermediate or advanced people join this category


Hi Strongangel!

I am a student and a teacher, so I can comment from both points of view.  

As a student, italki helps me connect with people I can listen to and talk to.  My Russina is very basic - I've only been learning it here on italki since November. I've finished about 25 hours with my community tutor. There are very few Russian speakers who live near me, so it's very exciting to speak with my teacher who lives in Kazakhstan!

As a teacher, I focus most of my sessions on speaking and listening. If my student is interested in reading or writing, we pick a topic and they read or write on their own (as homework). Then during our sessioin we discuss the article or writing sample.

You probably need more time just speaking freely with someone who will take the time to understand you and help you find the English to express yourself. I think you should try a session with a community tutor. It is not too expnsive, and it will help your English a lot!


Good luck!



Thank Diane ! Your comment is useful for me. I will try a session with a community tutor


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