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why Do you study arabic ?



Because it sounds beautiful

Because it looks and sounds beautiful and it is becoming more demanded in my country. Its also a very useful language which can be used in many countries


Because my boyfriend speaks arabic and also i want to read the coran because my arabic teacher says that we can't exactly translate it to another language. so if we want to read the coran, it is better to read it in arabic.

Because it's my native language ^^

Because it's the language of the Qur'an and I want to understand the Qur'an from in its original Arabic text..

i am Muslim

It has a good sound but seems to be very difficult to learn.

great answers ! its really beautiful , need some patience and it will be easy ! any language is hard in the beginning )) . if anyone needs anything , just lemme know ! )

It's most beautiful and strong language.

For life and for science.

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