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Obesity a social problem?

Do you consider that obesity is a social problem? Why?




Of course it is. Many illness are caused by obesity and by a wrong diet in general.

Yes, I thing that obesity is a  problem public health. Obesity are related to increase in  blood pression, diabetes, aterosclerosis among others disease's.

Yes I must agree that it is. It is a fact that America has the largest obesity rate in the world. Our fatest capitol in the USA is Houston, Texas. I feel because of how fat America is becoming that other countries look down on us Americans.


No, for these reasons:

- The fact that someone is obese does not mean that they are not healthy. Just like being thin doesn't mean you are healthy. You don't know anything about a person by looking at their size other than that they are bigger/smaller than you. There are obese and thin people who exercise and eat well as well as those who eat junk and don't exercise at all. The most important factor for health is fitness and that applies to everyone.


- By saying obesity is a social problem we are assuming that being fat is a very bad thing, when in reality it is not. We are conditioned to hate fatness. The media consistently provides us with thinner 'role models' to look up to which over time gives us a flawed idea of what a normal person looks like. We are all taught directly/indirectly that we should want to look like that. The multibillion dollar weight loss industry depends on our flawed sense of health and beauty. Most people never succeed in "fixing" themselves because in many cases there is nothing to fix- that is simply who they are. Genetics, disease, lifestyle, etc all play a part in how much fat a person accumulates on their body.


- By saying obesity is a social problem, we allow the stigmatization of fat people to continue. As it is, fat people face discrimination at work, at the doctor's office, and everywhere else. In many cases, they are scapegoats for the ills of society. If health insurance is expensive it must be because of obese people, when in fact, there are a whole host of reasons why health insurance is expensive, including lack of health insurance in the general population leading to excessive use of emergency room visits that are billed but never paid.


For more information and reasearch on the topic of obesity google “linda bacon resources”


alexandra, you are making assumptions based on what you think you know. An obese person's arteries aren't automatically clogged with cholesterol. Cholesterol is something is diet-related and any thin person can have high cholesterol if they eat too much of it. And stamina is created through consistent movement---lots of unfit thin people are huffing and puffing up those steps too. The reduced life expectancy is a false statement. If you look at the research, you see that as long as obese people exercise regularly, their risk is not higher than any 'normal' weight person who exercises regularly, and normal is very relative. BMI is certainly not a good measure of health even though doctors use it to categorize people.

Nobody is born obese but genetics, diseases, diet, exercise habits, general health habits, income level, and many other issues determine whether a person will be fat or thin. You lost weight and that's good for you but other people have a myriad of reasons for not being able to lose weight or maintain it. Others choose not to pursue weight loss and pursue health by working out regularly and eating well. Those people are just as healthy as any other person who has the same healthy habits. There are many thin people out there with poor diets/poor exercise habits and they too are at risk for clogged arteries, heart attacks, diabetes, etc; just because they are thin doesn't mean that they are healthier than a fat person.

Instead of being encouraged to lose weight, people should be encouraged to pursue health! Take care of your body and love your body even if you don't lose 1 pound. The focus should always be health not weight because weight is just a number and according to BMI charts you can gain 5 pounds and go from normal to overweight just like that. And then you go from great person to social problem, right? I can't seem to post links here. Please educate yourself by looking up 'linda bacon + resources' and ' 'bmi + myth'

Raffaelle: A 2012 United Nations report, “The State of Food and Agriculture”, reveals that 15 other nations suffer from a higher adult obesity rate than the United States: Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Cook Islands, Egypt, Jordan, Kiribati, Mexico, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Samoa, St. Kitts and Nevis, Tonga, and United Arab Emirates.


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