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Why Canada needs of so many immigrants?



Canada is a big country but totally empty compared to its size. This is a logical response, I think.


The last time, I read a bilingual Canadian site of informations.
The most controversial subject was always about the problem of languages. On the one hand, Anglophone Canadians who prefer to have a system with more immigration as Americans do. And on the other there were the French Canadians who are trying to preserve their language and culture within Canada.
The woman who is the prime minister of the French Canada said that people wishing to settle in Canada should respect the local language, the historical culture of Quebec, and even the traditions attributed to the christian religion. One day the French.C will be outnumbered in their own province by the English speakers and they need to deal with it. The last time, a Canadian from Ottawa who was a native of Morocco, has tried to make a law for removing the lily (the sign of the kings and queens of France) and the Christ at the assembly, in addition to remove the Christmas gifts in the schools.

According to her, it was too offensive to the new immigrants.



I agree, summarizing: Canadians are more open and interested in  new immigrants, but without dramatically altering their culture. I think they are right.

I like this question.  ^_^


Low population growth is the main reason, I think.

I guess , almost every country in the world has to face a challenging problem , the aging population  . Wanchain is right .  Low population growth is the main reason ,  however, if you are willing to look through the kernel of this problem , you will find the aging population is another side which matters the whole system function . Needless to say , the trending is getting worse and seems to be a point of no return . If nobody wants to be taxed more and still embrace current welfare , the only step canadian can take is to allow more younger people immigrate into this society , so do other countries .  There is no free meal all the time , and people must learn to pay to take.

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