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So, do you think that things would be better if women ran everything (a matriarchical or matriarchal society)

For example, would there be less wars? C'mon, I know SOMEBODY has an opinion.



yes,i do

I think not. The cause of war is another thing. There are a lot of factors that lead to it. Matriarchy? I think it exists only within certain tribes in some parts of the world. Although nowadays it is widely known about women emancipation, the traditional thought of women who play important roles in the house management is still predominant. But modern educated women should not think this as against their careers. They need a wise arragement of time allocation, between career and family. Men welcome women in the workplace not only for maximum of production, but also for mutual motivation and sharing. Despite of many women can become professionals such as politicians, experts, judges, doctors, engineers etc, men are still the majority of the leaders and the breadwinners. Anyway, the relationship between men and women is complementary since each has his or her strengths and weaknesses.


Can anyone name just one female dictator or enactor of genocide? @Steve - I am interested to hear more about that story.

My grandfather (German side, incidentally) was a B-17 pilot. He didn't like to talk about it either from what I've heard.

That is irrelevant from a political viewpoint. Many women have had much power to change the world a little, and they haven't wanted to do it: Margaret Thatcher supported many dictators, Ymelda Marcos enriched herself while his country died of hunger, Condoleezza Rice had a strong role in one of the biggest genocides in the History (Afganistán and Irak), Christine Lagard manages IMF which permits to economic powers smash the poor people; etc. I believe in good people, I don't care whether they are women or men, I believe in Kennedy, Mandela, Luther King, Gandhi, I believe in those people who spend his life to helping poor people and refugees, and honestly I think to be woman or not is not important.

Behind every great man there stands a great woman ;)

Being caring and a good leader has nothing to do with gender if I'm going to compare our previous president which is a woman and our current president which is a man. If you will ask me if I prefer woman or man leader I would choose man because originally was designed to be a leader and a protector. Man are logical while woman is emotional. I want a leader who is logical but of course not too logical that is why he needs an assistant or a support from a woman.

Wow, six comments. That's a record for me.

Part of the reason I asked the question is because many societies are predominantly patriarchal. hmm...Margaret Thatcher. I forgot about her.


@Pablo - if you are an astute observer, you may have noted around 2006 or so some "Canadian" tourists in Europe in possession of American passports or with some other indication of their true nationality. 

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