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Marriage of people from Different countries...

Do you agree with marriage of people from different countries? 
Do you think this Marriage would work?, and why?



Yes and marriage based on love and understanding will always work. It doesn't depend on the country, culture or environment. If people from 2 different culture get married, it would be more fun to explore.

Yes. If there is no language barrier existed.


With true love, It will work if it won't have a VISA problem and the good thing for that is you can have a hybrid kid.

Yes i'm agree. The reason it would be work is based On themself why they're marriage a foreigner. If he/she got marriage because of the country (they want to get resident status) it doesn't work But if they love each other i though it work and about different things such as culture and environment can be learn step by step.

I agree, love has no limits :D

Absolutely. Marriage works because the man and the woman involved in the said union are in "one accord." Otherwise, marriage just becomes a word that's simply tossed around to define that the person involved just happened to be with that person and that they we "in love" so to speak, at some point. Why would such a relationship work? Let's define the word "relationship" first. A relationship is the way in which different individuals, groups, or countries behave or deal with each other. Note these examples.


Employer and employee(s)

Professor and student(s)


Even individuals, groups, or countries who are against each other are called belligerents. It's not quite the kind of relationship I'd look for if you ask me, but it's a form of relationship nonetheless. 


Unconditional love, patience, kindness and understanding are a few of the things that I can think of right now (off the top of my head) that remains constant in a successful marriage even when beauty fades away. Marriage is a mutual relationship.

Ideally conceivable to get married with people from some other countries or cultures will increase over the following decade . People can choose any one who live in the world to get married except Aliens or ETs , however , cultural gap must be abbreviated prior to their marriage . I do not embrace false hope toward or against love as I am deeply convinced that marriage cannot be established merely  on a basis of love  . Either side must take more considerable factors into full consideration .  I have found pepople from different cultures or countries are often more tolerable .  Love could be an overwheming , enormous power to allow you to overcome this hurdle . Mixed blood children are often a fancy to local people .

It may work and it may not work. "Liebe macht blind" is a German proverb. It means love makes you blind. Too much cultural diffrences may make life difficult even if the couple is in love. There will be problems also for children after divorce. Realities and possiblities should also be kept in mind. Love alone is not enough :)







I can see a gap and differences between the two....they may not support each other or love. No one shouldn't be selfish in a marriage, that don't count.

yes i agree,,, it's work or not,,, is depend of that couple,,, if that merriage from same country or cultur is not garanty too,,, when somebody deside for marriage they must know that reason and that reason must be strong,,, for me, don't force it,,, because just love is not enough,,, but love is the basic,,, and ofcorce it's a good experience,,,,

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