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which arabic singer or song do you recomend??


I would like you to recommend me any musician or song in arabic.

shokran lakum 



Amr Diab -El lila
Nancy Ajram


well it depends on which dialect you wanna learn!

Hi Bettyboopmw,

I still don't know wich dialect i will study, I'm studying for the moment fus-ha, I'm deciding between egyptian or lebanese, but I would like to listen music in any dialect, It's another way to fell confortable with all arabic varieties.

I recommend Amr Diab he is an Egyptian singer and he is the best, I hope you enjoy listening to him . 

try anything for Yara she has a great voice too

try out Abdul halim hafez, um kulthoom and kathem al saher .

they sing in arabic fus-ha



Amr Diab is definitely my number one.

You should go through all of is albums on Youtube because they're all gold! 

Name of his albums:
Nour El Ain (1996)
Awedony (1998)
Amarain (1999)
Tamally Maak (2000)
Aktar Wahed (2001)
Allem Alby (2003)
Leily Nahary (2004)
Kammel Kalamak (2005)
El Lilady (2007)
Wayah (2009)
El Leila (2013)


He is truly my absolute favorite singer ever. I can't even choose my favorite songs because the list would be endless lol.


A few more amazing Arab artists:
Nancy Ajram, Fairuz, Ragheb Alama, Wael Kfoury, Myriam Fares, Tamer Hosny (a lot of people, guys particularly, don't like him but he has a beautiful voice), Elissa, Sherine, Mohamed Hamaki 

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