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children are recommended to stay far from their families and go to boarding school or stay with their parents

  Studying far from parents and migrating in other section are desired/expected to bring significant alteration for children compare with/rather than/ replace of/ instead of living their families together. But in the meantime whether it is a blessing or a curse has sparked a heated debate. Some people argue that this decision has a fundamentally beneficial influence on being mature of kids, while many others contend that it has a detrimental effect as well.
On the one hand/ A convincing argument can be made about staying/going to boarding school not only playing a pivotal role in building/completed/taking shape in independent characteristic, but also creating a variety of drawbacks/ challenges in society that they are compulsoty to resolve themselves. To start with, when taking board, children imperatively determine anything from what to consume to how to design accommodation as well as set up timetable, thanks to which, kids rae capable to make dicision more independent and self – supporting. Moreover, boarding school it means children will live with strange people, there are numerous issue that they compulsorily to have eligible attitude to do not result in bad relationship, it is not as living with their parents when various problems will be adult resolve rather than them. Children who be mature in far from families are stronger and more clever in life.
On the other hand, living far from home, children must face with drawback associated with social evils as well as shortage of family sentiment. It is definitely/expressly that when being not be oriented and protect by adult, kids are easy to perpetrate mistake that they are not enough capacity to aware that is not recommended do like that. Additionally, children virtually are necessary to get take care of parent, due to which, they often feel alone and sad when best close people is not near them.
In conclusion, regardless of difficulty when children take board school, from my perspective I overweight the opinion that support to kids living more independent thanks to opportunities to complete social skills, self – motivation, as well as be more mature.



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