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San-Marino - Ukraine. Your forecasts?

Today at 22 p.m will take place return match SAN-MARINO - UKRAINE. It will be on the San-Marino stadium. First play was finished with count 9:0 to the good of Ukraine.
Of course, there is any intrigue in the finish of this match. The question rest only in one. How mush goals will be ram by ukrainian team.
In spite of this all ukrainian football funs are waiting for this time with impassion.
At the same time will be other football match England-Poland. Curiously, it is the most interesting match. If Poland will win it Ukraine will be on the first place in the standings.

Ukraine I wish you luck!



I am going to watch this match, but I worry more about result of match England-Poland. It is obviously that Ukraine will win against San-Marino. I have doubt that Poland will win against England, but everything is possible:) I hope for a draw England-Poland (1:1). It will be enough for Ukraine:) 

I wish luck for Ukraine too!!!

JGood luck Ukrain! Good luck Poland! In 2 hours we will know all! 


Don't let down Poland!

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