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Mandarin songs

Does anyone know any good Chinese bands or artists? I notice a lot of the popular Chinese music is all love songs. Is there anything like the Rolling Stones or Iron Maiden in China?




Beyond, a HK rock band formed at 1983. Their songs( in Mandarin or Cantonese) told about what young people felt in 80s of last centuray, and loved by most people in China.


Choose the Mandarin versions, or you might not understand what they sing. ha ha!

I like Teresa Deng and her 月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart.

You can try to listen 窦唯 his songs. He is famous for rock music.

i think 牛奶咖啡(niu nai ka fei)、 SHE, their songs are very good.

a song sang by SHE, it's name is Shero.


The Chinese rock you can listen to 郑钧 and black panther(黑豹乐队) pop music I prefer 萧敬腾 方大同 梁咏琪 and 曲婉婷

我喜欢听 Terry Lin 的音乐

I like "好妹妹乐队"and"南方二重唱"


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