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Tricks to learn Japanese quickly!

Hello. I wanna know if there's any to make learning Japanese easier and faster. Your answers are welcomed ^^ .



Depends on what you need it for. If you want to learn to read, I recommend buying manga (most have furigana - the one's I'm re-reading in Japanese at the moment are Kuroko no basuke and Black Cat).


Find friends, go to conversation classes or just find someone to skype / chat with.


For me, anime and Japanese movies / TV etc. helped a lot with hearing the flow and rhythm of the language. If you watch enough anime, it's not very hard to distinguish words and phrases very fast (helps especially in listening tests at school).


Get a list of the top few hundred most common words and start learning them. is a great online dictionary with lots of examples (which is very helpful when learning to use a new word).


Download kotoba dictionary app if you have a smartphone. Same as tangorin. Great resource.


There's no real "secret" or "trick" to it. If you're passionate, it will come with work and practice quite quickly.

Good luck :)

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your answer ^^ . Actually, I'm a Manga geek but i've thought that's not enough to learn vocabulary. Arigato gozaymas nhairek san :D

Having any form of practice is a great way to learn. I forget my vocabulary a lot because I don't use the language much. If you like any of the music, I recommend learning from songs too. Since they're slower than speech, you can hear the pronunciation well and they aren't too long, so you can get through them more easily.

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