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Are you into politics? Do you often discuss it with your friends and family? How often do you read about it? If you do read about politics, what kind of material? Just the news or do you read political theory? Where do you stand in the political spectrum? Have you made your mind up or are you still trying to figure out what are the right policies to support? Is discussing politics a huge part of your country's culture? Is it common for people to get into heated arguments where you live, or do they just ignore this often depressing part of life? Anyway, I don't want to turn this into a political discussion, I just want to know the role politics plays in your life! Anyway, my answers would be:


Yes. Yes. Almost everyday. The news, sometimes political theory, sometimes random discussions in the internet. I'd rather not to say, at least for now! And no, the quest for truth is never-ending! But I think I have a couple of things figured out. Concerning my country, most people here don't discuss political systems or ideas but only complain that all politicians are crooked!





In Spain, everybody complains about policy and politicians, everybody hates them but anybody makes nothing to fix the situation. In Spain our local Administrations are ruined, they have many cases of corruption, but the same politic parties which caused this situation keep staying on the power. Everybody discusses politic topics on Twitter, Facebook, Media, in bars, but there aren't any changes. The problem is simple, the policy is considered as a problem in our lives, like a disease, and not as solution. It doesn't exist a politic education, if we took part actively in politic life we would change many things in our lives.

@Ayad: Well... I do not agree with your answer but I think you're right in saying that "people will be full of hate" if they think too about this subject.


@Pablo: I see. Doesn't the economic crisis play a role in this public interest on politics? When the economy is weak, politic usually becomes a hot topic. Anyway, here I have the impression that the Spanish people are trying to actively take part in politic life, and the protests are a reflection of that, but I may be wrong.

yes and no, In Spain there are many social and economic groups which are protesting a lot (public employees, students), but the body of politic forces aren't at all. Our politic parties are very far from the social necessities. For example, the party which is in the power has the majority, its measures is being destructives (more poverty, more unemployment, more taxes, etc) but the polls show it would be the party with more votes in a hypothetical elections. The opposition party, which was in the power when the crisis exploded, has less votes than when it lost the last elections. Spain has the largest rates of unemployment in Europe, and our labor unions have less credibility than the politic parties. I think in Spain many people realised they must struggle by themselves if they want to get out of the crisis, like when our grandfathers had to rebuild a nation smashed by the Civil War, and this work has to be done without politic help: "It doesn't matter who is or will be in the government, all parties are the same shit"

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