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Education system

Could you talk about advantages and disadvantages of the education system in your country? l hope l could learn more knowledges about other country.



Rote learning is still the core of education . Too much outmoded moral teaching was conducted over past few decades . 

In Vietnam, we spent 5 years for Primary School, 4 years for secondary school, 3 years for high school. After graduating the high school, we have an exam to attend the university. We spent from 4 to 7 years for university. We often concerntrate on science subjects, literature, ... 

Well, I live in Brazil and here we need to learn much about education. Unfortunately, here our system pedagogic is archaic yet. Don't have investment public because the politic are thinking only them. I hope that next years this situation change and stay similar country yours. (correct me, please)

Well, I live in Brazil and here we need to learn much about education.

Well , I live in Brazil and we are obliated to be educated for a long period of time since preschool (or primary school ) education .


Don't have investment public because the politic are thinking only them..

Our government are stingy to fund the public education . I think most government officials do not pay attention to the future education system .

Hi! Allen!  Why do you think so? Moral teaching is outmoded.

Instead of moldy moral teaching , I would rather teachers are able to teach more legal system and economic running in modern society . Moral system changes over time passed by , so I doubt very much about how teachers instruct contemporary moral . More often , teachers teach pupils their belives in trust which I do not always agree on .  Check the current moral teaching in chinese   textbooks .Our students are being contamined by those outmoded , obsolete conceptions . Perhaps , that is why some Chinese are so backward looking and regarded as barbaric  .

I have to kind of agree with you Bruce, but I like worldschooling even better than homeschooling..although I am basically a homeschooled kid. I have just done it around the world!

One of the advantages of worldschooling and using the world as your classroom is one can immerse in other cultures and get a deep understanding of the a native.

I mostly homeschool, but I have dipped into schools in 4 countries...not international schools, but local schools for language/culture immersion and friends.  That has helped me read, write and speak Mandarin and Spanish as well as getting a deep understanding of the culture and friends for life in many countries. ( My parents are monolinguals).

I am homeschooling now in Asia ( finishing all the primary years of Mandarin 5th grade to go!) and will add French next in the South of France and likely Tahiti.

I just turned 13, but already have students of my own in all 3 languages on 3 continents from 4 to 30 ( even a geophysicist!) so I learn and earn at the same time as part of my homeschooling.

I can also go ahead and not get stuck by age for classes, like I am taking an advanced course online now with Johns Hopkins Univ CTY.

I think this is the education of the future where one can take more charge of ones education with a more global perspective and two VERY expensive world  schools are already doing the one Tom Cruises daughter goes too. Sadly, they cost like 80, 000 a year not counting travel expenses. WOW!

The good news is if you do it yourself, it doesn't cost much at all to get an even better education...suited exactly to you and your family! Plus you get more time off and time together. ;)

Here in Philippines

Primary Education Kinder+ 6 years

Secondary Education 6 years

College 5-6 years (it depends on your course)


Here in Philippines, one of the problems is the Education and the system per se.

Lack of budget for better facilities and books are no longer new here.

There is still also a shortage of teacher primary and secondary.This is due to,perhaps, low salary that they get. 

But now, there is high hope in our educational system, the government wil infuse more budget so that those problems will be solved.

Our education here (public) is free until Highschool. State Universities such as the infamous University of the Philippines has subsidiesfrom govt. 

many foreigners here are coming to study Koreans are number one and other nationalities. perhaps this is due to low cost of studying here as compared to other nations.


I can say that the quality of education here is good. As compared to PHL's peers in the region and in Asia, Educ. System of PHL is not lagging. Im not saying this because Im a Filipino.. No.. im not bias. :D

You can not get enough nurture in public school system as the public school system was designed for the majorityof citizens . I do not expect public school system too much by any means .I cannot but admire Mozart can go abroad to approach further education . I find some children are so thoughtful surpassing adults' imagination . It was my dream when I was in my primary school but it was unfortunate that my parents could not afford . To see another experience in Mozart is really pleasant for me , and I feel I seem to be thrown into her age . You are a podigy indeed .


Dear Mozart :

I am curious and eager to know : Do you feel what kind of education would be favorable for the next century ? I want to hear more from you , this young generation as I have 2 twin boys of preschool age .


In Ukraine students have a lot of opportunities to study. We finish studing in high school about 16 - 17 years old and then we are able to enter to the university. It isn't difficult to get scholarships and a huge number of students study free. I think, it's a main  advantage. Also I like that education is compehensive in grad schools. We have a lot of subjects don't connected with majority but make students stronger in such areas like ethic, philosophy and so on. 

To my mind the main disadvanteges in Ukraininan education are next:

Firstofall it's a corruption. Unfortunately it's normally to give bribes for exams in the undergraduate and graduate schools by ukrainian student. But it's up to school staff. 

Also It's a lack of foreign language study in the universities. I mean even if you have courses of foreign languge about 3 - 4 years at the university and your majority doesn't connect with translating or international studies so on teaching of this forign language will be poor and unprofessional. Consequently aftre graduation student of engineering studies for instance don't familiar with terminology of their majority at least in English.

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