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Do you use the Library?


Do you have a public (or school) library to use for information? Is it free? Does it have English books?

In my city, we have amazing libraries, and they are always free. They have internet, newspapers and even free classes. 

What does your city have?



Yes we have, but to be honest, I didn't go to a public library for 20 years because of internet :) 

I visit city libraray very often as I am heading to IELTs test at present . In taipei Municipal library , you can take advantage of wireless signal to suf web service as you like  and you can borrow books on the bookshelves as you want  . If you do not like to touch paper , physical literature  , you can also use online databases to retrive what you want . I quitely rely on library  . Generally speaking , almost each piece of service is free here.

In my city we have a public library, and the universities have one, but I prefer to search the information in Internet.


Here in New York City, we have many public libraries. Some are small and some are very large. They all contain a good selection of books on a wide variety of subjects and they also provide free access to the internet. The library card is free but if you bring a book back late, you are charged a small fee for every day that it was late. 


we have a school and a public library and i actually spend a lot of time their because  love book  especially physic and english books

i think every city have libraries in our country.But people don't usually use it,even it is FREE``````I think chinese doesn't like reading. they alway tend to surf the internet```````playing games,watching films and so on``````

OK,including me``````

we dont really have a library here in my school ,it`s just too small room with some kids magazense and some boring books .....and for sure no one allowed to enter it like to  sit and read , just at the end or in the middle of the year ...they let student enter to read but like for 2 weeks or less  and cuz it`s a small room it`s noisy and annoying

I hardly have time to go to library but I keep the habit of reading at home or office.

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