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i want to study english, pleasea check it for me

I want to write a story about my life which is proud and unhappy too. I always ask myself who am i? what were I bored for? What am I looking forward to?
The rain is falling outside the window with dripping into the air. I grow up with the rain during my life. The life go away so fast and memories in the past has gone. Expect a little cool air on winter, some red-charcoad of my gr-mother and the rain stop rarely in the afternoon when children have fun together. But it’s all past and I never get back again….
It’s rain in Saigon and there is nothing touched of this weather. My fr go home after studing in school and complaining about traffic jams. Time has gone like that and I getting alone day by day.
Anh-xtanh said “the worst thing is the human being living but the values inside him are died”…maybe it’s me.
More than ever, I want to escape this place and find somewhere I belong to….



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