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how can we learn a foreign language well?

Such as english,what is important?



Everbody has his/her own way of learning language. For me, grammar is the most important part of language learning process. After learning the structure, you can place and replace words like a game:) If you are eager to learn more vocabulary and practice patiently, you can easily improve yourself in any language. -in my opinion of course:) 

Make sure you get as much 'real' input in the new language as possible. Take classes and use textbooks by all means, but be aware that the material you are studying will be selected for a learner and will only encompass very limited topics. It is very easy to watch tv, listen to radio and read newspapers using the internet.


как мы учим иностранный язык, хорошо? 

Таких, как английский,что важно?


Как изучать иностранный язык.

Для изучения, например, английского языка важно


выбрать метод , в котором много разговорной практики,

смотреть фильмы, петь песни, находить собеседников и,

конечно, запастись чувством оптимизма

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