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Asking for an english name 求 英文名



I'AM learning english,but i have no a suitable english name ! my teacher call me isabelle , but i thing it's too old . i  d'ont like it !


if you have any idea,please let me know~





How about Demi,or Sybil? I am watching "DOWNTOWN ABBY",and like Lady Sybil Crawley. Haha.

That's a funny topic, I think Issa would be good. What do you think?

@VIadimir  issa ? lot of girls in your county called or not ? 


I assume " NATASHA" is a good name for you.


1.  Gift from God.

2.  Born near Christmas day.  

Good Luck !




   Isabelle does not fit you.


   You can search the Internet for the Websites which list names for "baby girls" and you will see all the names you could dream of.

Well Isabel is kind of a popular name in country, but people call them Isa or Chabela, I like more Isa, so but is on your choice :-)

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