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Asking for an english name 求 英文名



I'AM learning english,but i have no a suitable english name ! my teacher call me isabelle , but i thing it's too old . i  d'ont like it !


if you have any idea,please let me know~





How about Demi,or Sybil? I am watching "DOWNTOWN ABBY",and like Lady Sybil Crawley. Haha.

That's a funny topic, I think Issa would be good. What do you think?

@VIadimir  issa ? lot of girls in your county called or not ? 


I assume " NATASHA" is a good name for you.


1.  Gift from God.

2.  Born near Christmas day.  

Good Luck !

Well Isabel is kind of a popular name in country, but people call them Isa or Chabela, I like more Isa, so but is on your choice :-)

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