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What is the best steps to learn new language?

I try to learn more than one language here, and I want to know, what is the best steps to learn new language?
starting with what?
and what next?
and what next? ... until being fluent in this language.
Tell me about your opinion and your experience and your native language as an example, maybe it's different from language to another.
( Write in your native language if you want )

Thanks :)



I don't have answers to all but when I started my Arabic class, the first thing my professor told us to do was to start thinking in the language. Don't just speak it or write it but think it! Thinking in the language will make it much easier to continue learning.

I agree with Jackey.

The best step is Believe :) If you believe , You succeed :) That's all

alphabts , how children start just do the same but hard levels if you learn fast i tink its a good way as a start 

 I'm learning English by myself. First, I try to listen, listen, and listen :D Then, I try to read books which I like (U can use dictionary, of course :D) and learn how to pronounce in the right way :D


Thanks a lot for everyone :)

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