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how can they learn so many kinds of languages?

I found some guys can speak 4-5 kinds languages from the introduction of their homepage, how can they make it ? talent?



Well, I do know some people who can speak 4-5 European languages. This is possible because European languages share a lot of cognates and similar grammar points among themselves.


I know a lot of Dutch, Swedish and German people who can speak English, German and French very very fluently. But just let these people study Chinese or Japanese. I am quite sure most of them will do very badly. 


What is fortunate for them and unfortunate for us is that in this world English, German, Spanish and French are much more important than Asian languages. So we are forced to learn their languages while they can choose what languages they want to learn.

oh, your comments made me be suddenly enlightened, I thought they had high intelligence quotient.thank you!

I don't think it's really about the intelligence. More about the time and effort that is put into it. You can get fluent in most languages if you study intensively for two years. 

@Xinghe: You're not alone. In Poland we also "have to" learn English, German and French. But to be honest, it is still your decision. You could choose not to study English, it would just mean that it would be more difficult for you to travel and/or possibly more difficult to find a better job. 

Also Mandarin is becoming more in popular in Europe. Aparently in Prague it's the most common languages to learn after English (I must confess, it's not a checked information, I just heart it from one of my students).

Many people just love learning languages. I'm one of them. And I think it is better to learn languages from different language groups. Well, maybe not, I just find it more interesting. It teaches you to look at some hings in a different way. 

I fully agree with the above-mentioned statements.

In addition, they can travel easily from one country to another in the continent. They can mix with the local community and can receive many different channels of radio and TV broadcasting.

@Ola: I think in Prague the second popular foreign language must be German.


I do know some people who can speak 4-5 languages (european and not).  

In my opinion, it dipends by different factors:

Education: Nowadays, in a globalized world, there are a lot of countries with a "multilingual" education (not only in Europe) in order to prepare the new generation to this globalized world .

Possibilities: In a more rural area, you don’t have contact with tourists and strangers. In a touristic area or a big city, you can practice your english, french, chinese etc. 

Motivation: Apart of the "talent" and the above factors, it's very important important the motivation because you can have great education and possiblities but if you don't have motivation you will not learn more than 1 or 2. Languages are like sports, if you don't practice them with motivation you will not shape up your your 'memory' muscles.


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