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Understanding a Language

What percentage do you understand when you're listening news in the language that you're learning?



At this time I listen to the news in Spanish at a slow place I can understand maybe 10-15 percent of what is being said ...I am enjoying learning Spanish and look forward to learning other languages later in life as well. =) 

It's great, if you need some help, I'm always here.

I have studying German for about three weeks and I can understand about 25 percent. Actually, I can sometimes understand what the writer is referring to just not the details. 

It depends on the topic being discussed.  If I don't care to know about, say, politics in the Middle-East, I will tune it out.  I can understand 95% of some segments, but I have to be very interested in the topic at hand.


I watch the news in Spanish every morning and I understand a good amount because of the pictures and images associated ,but also it depends on what's being discussed. There are sometimes when I understand nothing.

M_rk_s, I mean, when a present of a newcast is talking about a topic, what is the percentage that you have understanding about the subject?

I understand %90 of English news and %60 of Korean news. But i can't understand German news.^^

It depends on the topic for example I can understand 90 % of the news because they use formal english. But some series are difficult because my knowledge of idioms, phrasal verbs and slangs is very short, I can hear what they said but I can´t grasp what they mean. Also for me is easier to understand American English, Some British shows are very difficult for me specially some particular Bristish accents.  

Hello! I'm learning english for three years and the listening is the hardest part of it. I try to listen news and movies in english but I understand only a 20% more or less. Besides of it, we have other difficulty because is very different the accent between British English and American English. Here (I'm from Spain) we usually hear British English because of tourist but the most of TV shows originally come from USA. I suppose it's the same for you with the Spanish from Spain and from South-America... 


Well, I think I cannot really put a percentage on it since the accents in each Spanish speaking country differ from one another. I can definitely understand the Spanish news that they show in the spanish channel in the states - and that is because they speak very clearly and slowly. 

Though when I listen to the radio channels from let's say Barcelona or Madrid, my brain freezes for the first 5 minutes and I may only understand the basic words. 


Overall, I think I need to familiarze myself with the slang being used as well as the grammar usage in order to be able to understand them perfectly. 

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